ABA Builders Proudly Launches Cleo County at Sector 121, Noida

ABA Builders announced the launch of their much awaited and discussed new project Cleo County in Sector 121, Noida (Delhi & NCR). The ABA builders seemed very proud of their construction as it stands second to none in any of the matters like world class amenities, facilities, style or design. The amenities and facilities Cleo County Noida provides are up to the expectations of the people and they well exceed their dreams and luxury concept.

Cleo County Noida holds its head above at the prime location on Sector 121, Noida. The project which reminds the glory and Splendor of Egyptian Culture has become an attraction of Noida, Sector 121. Cleo County Sector 121is set in the Egyptian model and well carries all trademarks and features of Egyptian Culture. Cleopatra the most acclaimed dream girl of all Pharaohs of Egypt is the source of origin of this name.

Being inspired by Cleopatra, the most favored beauty of the world the name is capable of creating an imaginary picture as how the project will turn up. Cleo County Noida is meant to liven up each moments of life with all provisions for luxurious and pompous living in the most comfortable atmosphere. Some peculiar characteristics of ABA Builders Projects keep them ahead of their competitors.

Cleo County 121 in the same way shines as one of the most discussed Noida new projects. Cleo County Noida is the best answer to the search of an Apartment nearby FNG, Apartment nearby Sai Mandir or Apartment nearby Noida Extension. As Cleo County Sector 121 is close to FNG, Sai Mandir and Noida Extension it is very well desirable to acquire a place in this most suitable Noida luxury apartments. It will never let anyone go gloomy and disheartened.