Cleo County Noida Avails Egyptian Themed Apartments

Cleo County Noida proclaims the perfection of beauty and design in its fullness. The project is entirely modeled after the splendid Egyptian culture. Egyptian themed mansions like apartments are designed marvelously to meet the needs and wants of the Modern People. These apartments display the past glory and splendor of Egypt which once remained the center of all attractions of the world.

The main entrance and the name of Cleo County 121Noida are directly related to the Egyptian culture. Cleopatra, the Egyptian girl who was famous for her unmatchable beauty, is the inspiration behind the name Cleo County. Sphinx, a mythical figure hailed as the Guard of Egypt, decorates the main entrance in style.

Cleo County Noida luxury apartments are designed with utmost care and attention. Even the minutest parts thus show a touch of perfection. The smooth finish given to the pillars and columns, flourishing floors, attractive and arranged kitchens, spacious and prestigious bedrooms, etc. are only a few attractions of many.

Special care has been given to the physical and mental aspects of the dwellers. Cleo County Noida apartments provide peak luxury that best suits both mind and heart of everyone.  Comfortable living with maximum enjoyment and fun is assured at Cleo County Sector 121. Cleo County Noida another ABA builders projects remain one of the best places to live in luxury.