Cleo County Hailed The Best Of All Noida Luxury Homes

Cleo County Sector 121 Noida is hailed as the best of all Noida luxury homes.

With the launch of Cleo County Noida, ABA Builder Group succeeded in acquiring an appreciable niche in the real estate market of Noida. It would be wrong to consider that their current success is a windfall or lottery. It was never a chance of luck. One should remember the success of their previous projects as well.

If Cleo County 121 Noida has been considered as one of the best homes for living then it is just because of its superior quality and higher level perfection. ABA Builder remained very keen to keep the quality in construction and this is visible in each and every part and parcel of this project. Their keen observation on quality began right at the laying of its foundation stone. The observation continued till the final roof is laid.

Moreover the success of Cleo County Sector 121 Noida depends on its Egyptian model theme and architecture. In fact the Egyptian inspiration gives this residential project a kind of uniqueness. This uniqueness enabled the project to stand head and shoulders above to others of its kind. There might be no other project which is designed after the model of Egyptian culture and theme.

You may wonder that not only the building but the garden and green land also are designed after the model of Egyptian Culture. The builders have taken extra care to provide the dwellers of Cleo County a life which is highly similar to the life of Egyptian Pharaohs.

There may not be any other culture as splendid and glorious as that of Egypt. The richness and pomp of Egyptian Pharaohs was really awesome and Cleo County Noida is only an attempt to offer a life which resembles this awesome life. With this aim the builders have created special provision for all amenities and facilities.

Further Cleo County Noida is located in a highly and fast developing area which will secure higher value appreciation for your possession. You will have easier access to the city life and daily needs. You can be sure of leading a dream life which is symbolized with convenience and luxury comfort.Read More Information


Cleo County Praised For Superior and Unique Features

Cleo County Noida is praised for its superior and highly unique features and amenities.

Cleo County Noida has attracted the people with its ultra-luxurious features which are unique in its nature. Many unique features of this project really add uniqueness to the project which the top- end people desire to have in their life.

You will and you can experience a unique life with all amenities and facilities at Cleo County Sector 121 Noida. There are many unique features which make it possible for you to lead a perfect and happier life. You may find it difficult to list them up as there are many and numerous such features. Anything and everything stands up to your dreams and desires.

ABA Builders have a special aim to bring up a new and unique luxury standard to the people. With this aim the group has made a number of projects such as Cherry County and Orange County. When you look at any of this project you can see a touch of uniqueness in all these projects. This same kind of uniqueness is visible at Cleo County 121 Noida as well.

Luxury is given a new version and dimension at this project which is mainly meant for the top- end people. You will never be a loser in case if you decide to own a home at Cleo County. On the other hand you will be a great loser if you do not gain a home at this residential apartment. The reason is that it is located in a highly important area which is noted for increasing value appreciation and growth.

By setting up all necessary and latest amenities and facilities, Cleo County Noida well suits your dreams and desires. You will have all chances to enjoy your life to the maximum. Those who have some dreams and desires can rightly select this residential project for leading a life of comfort and convenience.Read More Information

Cleo County is uniquely designed in Egyptian culture.

There are many outstanding features which drag your attention to this project. One of the main things is the statue of Sphinx which is rightly placed at the main entrance of Cleo County Noida. This statue reminds you of the Egyptian land rightly. Its name is also has an Egyptian touch as it is taken from the most fabulous and gorgeous Cleopatra.

I just mentioned these things to tell you that Cleo County Sector 121 Noida is inspired by the Egyptian culture. It thus aims to provide you a well desired life of luxury. In fact you gain something beyond mere luxury. You must be well concerned with your home’s design as well. You wish to have a perfect design.

Interior and exterior finishing is important for satisfying your dreams. This is excellently accomplished at Cleo County Noida. As a modern man you might wish to have all amenities and facilities to be found in abundance in your living premises. You can find all such amenities and facilities in abundance.

The long commuting hours might be making you bored. Or you are worried as your child is sent to a distant school. These factors will never be able to trouble you any longer as Cleo County Sector 121 Noida is closer to many industrial areas and educational centers.Read More Information


Cleo County Offers Unique Homes That Suit Perfect Life

Cleo County Noida offers highly unique homes that best suit your perfect life.

Cleo County Noida is one of the best places where you can lead a perfect life. This residential project is unique in itself and this will be considered as a plus- point that boosts up your prestige and status. You will be having a better status and prestige by securing a superior apartment in this residential project.

Imagine that you are a king who lives in royal palaces. You will simply ask me why I should imagine such a thing which seems highly impossible. But we are not joking about it. Cleo County will absolutely be a chance for you to become a king. It offers a special and stylish royal life.

You must be still wondering as how this is possible. You can make it possible if you gain an apartment at Cleo County Sector 121 Noida. Having a high end desire to lead a luxurious life and a mind to pay for it then you have the right choice here. You can find the fulfillment of your dreams and desires here.

In all senses you will experience a superior life of luxury and comfort. If I speak about the comfort and convenience which you will have at Cleo County 121 Noida, I will be without words to describe. Just by the inspiration taken from the Egyptian culture it attracts everyone. In fact the poor remain incapable of securing a dream home at this residential project.Read More Information

Cleo County Noida Pledges You the Best Luxury Features

Cleo County Noida pledge you the best of luxury features and amenities.

Cleo County Noida has been voted one of the best residential projects. It is believed to have conquered the minds of people with its superior facilities and amenities. There remains no doubt in the minds of any about the superior features and amenities the project boasts about.

There are many outstanding features included in Cleo County Sector 121 Noida. Inner swimming pool is one of the best such one. This inner swimming pool will be one of the best places where you will feel absolutely secured of your privacy in bathing. You can enjoy your bath well.

Other facilities and amenities are also superb and outstanding. The main reason behind the outstanding nature of this is its inspiration. ABA Builders had disclosed the beauty and marvel of Egyptian Culture which has inspired the builders a lot. Cleo County 121 Noida tries to imbibe this spirit of luxury and comfort.

The builders opined that there existed no other culture as marvelous as that of the Egyptian one. The grand lifestyle of the Pharaohs can rightly be considered as one of the best lifestyles of the entire world. Cleo County Sector 121 Noida is an effort of ABA Builders to offer the luxurious life of Egyptian Pharaohs.

You are invited to lead a life amidst the flourishing greenery. The vast open space is set apart for securing the serenity of Nature. You will be having a wonderful life in the midst of greenery and comfortable surroundings. Cleo County will cater your convenience and comfort to the maximum level.

Your query for comfort and convenience, your desire for securing your children’s future, etc. are taken into consideration. Seeing the large numbers of reputed schools any parent like you will realize that there will be no problem for you to find a suitable school for your child. This is the specialty of Cleo County Noida. It is well close to many reputed and elite schools which offer international standard education.

There are many MNCs nearby your dream home. Fulfillment of your dreams and desires is our aim and we strive hard to achieve this. With this motivation we have brought in all the superior facilities and amenities at Cleo County Noida. You will definitely and without any doubt will experience this. We are confident of this.

Cleo County aims not only providing a life with the convenience of the city but rather it aims to provide a life amidst the flourishing greenery. You will be hearing the sweet voices of the chirping birds. You can feel the chilly breeze playing in your spacious apartments. You will enjoy all these at our homes. We pledge you.Read More Information


Cleo County Grants Extra Leisure to Fortify Family Bonds

Cleo County becomes a right and suitable answer for your question how my home is or how it should be. For example if we ask somebody what his desires about homes are, then we are sure to get an answer like this.

“My home must be well fostering international living standards. My home should be having higher connectivity and convenience. Moreover it must be located in a prime area where there are many schools of reputation… And so on. The list goes on without an ending. Now you can use the word Cleo County Noida in places of my home in your answers. Continue reading

Cleo County Offer Master-Class Homes to Lead Royal Life

Cleo County Sector 121 Noida boasts of superior amenities and facilities which you desire.

Finally people accepted the charm of Cleo County when they saw it. Just with a small vision the residential project to win over the minds and hearts of many. The minds and hearts of many are still being attracted to this residential project which is mainly designed for people who desire a life of luxury and comfort.

ABA builders have designed Cleo County Noida with matchless perfection. There is nothing which is not designed with perfection inside. Any of the amenities like inner swimming pool or the health club, can be denoting superior quality of life.

There is no way which can hinder your enjoyment or leisure. Cleo County 121 Noida offers all sorts of amusement and leisure features at the doorsteps of your homes. You can enjoy a better life with more comfort and luxury. Superior class luxury features make it one- of – its- kind project.

Noida as a whole is more demanded by those who desire to live nearby the capital city of India. However due to the increase in the number of high net worth income earners, luxury is more demanded. You can see and experience that Cleo County Sector 121 Noida provides an international standard of luxury and amenities.

You will be counted as one of the privileged ones. You notice how these luxury apartments are suitable for leading a life which you dreamed of. Cleo County 121 Noida sets in front of you some of the most posh apartments which assure your top- end life of luxury and convenience.

Having a prime location at Sector 121 the project is close to many prominent cities of India especially to the National Capital. You are sure to reach New Delhi within a few minutes after you set off your straight drive. As the value appreciation of Noida increases your pride possession at Cleo County Sector 121 Noida will never be a loss. It will turn out to be matter of pride anyway.

The best thing and most advised thing are just to secure an apartment at Cleo County and enjoy your life to the maximum. You will never be deprived of any sort of enjoyment and leisure. You can be sure of gaining all sorts of facilities and amenities which the modern man looks for.

Nearby international schools and other professional educational institutions guarantee better future of your children. Cleo County Noida is close to many offices and corporates where you will find job- opportunities for all sorts of professionals. The growth of commercial centers can be valued as important to launch your business even.

You can well utilize the growing commercial importance of the city. You can be sure of launching successful business centers nearby Sector 121 Noida. Approach the project with a decision to lead a kingly life.Read More Information

Cleo County Remain Best Place to Enjoy Classic Luxury life

Having set in the lap of Mother Nature Cleo County Sector 121 Noida boasts of a life which is completely Nature oriented. Moreover the amenities and facilities are designed to cater a classic life. The flourishing greenery found in the vast open space of this residential project is an example of this nature friendly attitude.

Having high proximity to FNG and Noida Extension, Cleo County Noida is holding a higher value appreciation. This is close to Sai Baba Mandir as well.

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Cleo County Offer Perfect Homes to Lead Top- End Life

Whoever goes through Noida is wondered at the astounding growth of the city. The city has undergone tremendous changes in the recent past. This is one of the main reasons why more people prefer to live in Noida now. Convenience and comfort are not less than any other cities of India.

According to the recent reports luxury living is the trend of the time. This is true and you can see that Noida too boasts of some outstanding luxury projects. Cleo County Noida is one among the most prominent luxury projects which is designed in entire Egyptian model. It claims perfection of beauty and higher charm for its design. Continue reading

Cleo County Boasts of International Standard of Life

Cleo County offers all what are required to have an international standard of life.

Luxury oriented residential projects like Cleo County are many in Noida now. Closeness to the Capital City of India is really a positive factor in the growth of Noida. With the establishment of many MNCs in the area, the area has become notable for higher level of job opportunities.

Noida has already been raised to a level where people wish to settle down. No matter how this NCR suburb is raised to such a status. Cleo County Noida offer higher standard facilities and amenities which the modern people look for. This will secure a praiseworthy standard of life.

While launching Cleo County Sector 121 Noida the ABA Builders clearly stated that their latest residential project is meant for those who wish international standard of life. The officials of ABA Builders group declared that they aimed at bringing down the international standards of life to Noida.

Anyone who enters into the courtyard of this illuminated residential project will stand stunned. Not emphasizing it over. This is true and you can pay a visit to Cleo County 121 Noida to feel the difference. How high your dreams, we will satisfy your desires and dreams.

Vast open space which fosters the free flow of air and cool wind, will keep you away from the tiring atmosphere of the city. Unwanted smoke and dust, noises like honking horns or shouting crowds you will not experience here. Cleo County Noida fosters the nature’s serenity and calmness.

Peace of mind, relaxation of heart and body, etc. will be possible here in your dream homes. This residential project offers homes which are designed with perfection. Cleo County homes are highly oriented for suiting your dreams.

People with sky reaching dreams and aspirations will find these luxury apartments of Cleo County 121 Noida as the best place to lay their heads down at night. The entirely calm atmosphere will allow you to have a sound sleep. No disturbances from outside will encroach inside to harm your sleep.

Cleo County Sector 121 Noida has high level security which will safeguard your life as well as your precious holdings. Without any worries and tensions over any sort of break in, you can lead a life of convenience and comfort.

We assure you the most comfortable systems and amenities. No doubt you will really experience a high quality international standard of life. Your modern dreams are well mingled and combined with the past glory and splendor of Egypt.

So in all the ways the life here will turn out to be more memorable than you dream of. We bet that you will not be able to find anything which is of inferior quality and which is not suiting an international standard of life.Read More Information


Cleo County Wins over People’s Mind with Superior Luxury

Cleo County Noida is matchless to all others of its kind with its superior facilities and amenities.

I have been searching for a dream home for comparatively a longer time? I paid visit to a large number of residential projects among which none could fulfill all my dreams. Besides I found most of the so -called luxury homes remain incapable of fulfilling any ordinary dreams as well. I hope you too might have a similar experience like this.

This was the situation till I found my dream home in Cleo County 121 Noida. I had heard about ABA Real Estate Builders as the group which was the first one to construct an upside down building in India. I went and saw this upside down building which was named Caracalla Club. Obviously I felt Orange County which includes this upside down building, unique to an appreciable extent.

Though I desired to gain one there, I left the idea as I was planning to settle in Noida. When I heard that ABA Builders are to launch their new project in Noida, Sector 121, I expected some sort of luxury home which probably would be inferior. But to be frank, I understood that I was absolutely wrong in predicting Cleo County Noida as an inferior one of its kind.

I am damn sure that you will certainly be persuaded by this most influential residential project (strictly in my opinion). You will see and experience a higher level of Egyptian inspiration in each parts of Cleo County Sector 121 Noida. The very statue of Sphinx which is placed at the main entrance, welcomes you to the great grand life of Egyptian Pharaohs.

Remember this statue is only one among the many features which resemble the grand life of Egyptian Pharaohs. Inner swimming pool or the various play courts, what to say all such high standard amenities and facilities will catch your mind and heart.

Cleo County 121 Noida persuades anyone with its superior facilities and amenities. I have never seen an inner swimming pool like this one here. This inner swimming pool will secure high level privacy.

The vast open area with flourishing greenery and theme oriented gardens also attracted my mind to a great level. I could not withhold from leap for joy because my mind said Cleo County Sector 121 Noida is the best and most suitable home for you.

I wish you will take the most right decision and join with me as my neighbor in Cleo County Noida. Your money will bring you whatever you wish besides your mind’s happiness and ease of life. Only living in a home that best suits our dreams alone can make our minds and hearts as happier.

Do not let your higher ending dreams to fall behind. I can assure you a fuller life in the elite residents’ club of Cleo County. So do not miss this golden opportunity to lead a life of splendor and glory.Read More Information


Cleo County Suits Modern Man’s Perfect Living Standards

Noida has become a platform for many luxury residential projects. Fine connectivity features of Noida stand as reasons which attract the builders. Noida has highly developed infrastructure which might be one of the top infrastructures of India.

These features provide higher value appreciation. Considering the growing value appreciation of the area many real estate developers have engaged them in constructing many beautiful residential projects. ABA Builders described the launch of Cleo County 121 Noida as their attempt to offer residential projects with admirable value appreciation.

With the construction of some outstanding projects like Orange County and Cherry County, ABA Builders has become a top group. Their high quality oriented projects always remain as best specimen of quality consciousness. Cleo County Noida is one of the best places where you will find all your desires have become fulfilled.

Having a prime location to its credit this beautiful building will definitely suit your dreams. You are sure to witness higher level of quality luxury inside. The amenities and facilities are of international quality and standard. As a result anyone can enjoy a life filled with quality, luxury and comfort at Cleo County Sector 121 Noida.

This luxury oriented residential project is offering a life standard which the modern man looks for. Undoubtedly life in the city is described grey colored. Cities are full of buildings and pollution. No greenery is ever seen or visible. This does a lot of harm to the people’s health. Their health is affected in a higher level.

ABA Builders’ Cleo County aims at providing a life in the sprawling green fields. Vast open space and greenish gardens which sprawls to acres and acres, are beautifully landscaped with theme basis. This vast open area will create a lovely and desirable atmosphere around your dream home. Cleo County 121 Noida will be an assurance of luxury inside Green Nature.

While most of the modern constructions seem to disrespect the Nature by exploiting her maximum, Cleo County Noida becomes an exception to it. Mother Nature is respected and admired highly here. This love to the Mother Nature can be considered as one of the most important features of this outstanding residential project.

No matter how high you desire to live Cleo County will suit your desire in all possible ways. One can easily enjoy the serenity of nature as well as comfort and ease of life which the modern world can provide to you.

ABA Builders have realized that the people are in search of luxury and comfort. The modern people will become satisfied only with what is beyond the ordinary. This is the reason what prompted the builders to go for something extra ordinary like Cleo County Sector 121 Noida. Undoubtedly you can enjoy an extra ordinary life inside this campus.Read More Information


Cleo County Remains Best Specimen for Quality Luxury

If you are tired of searching for a dream home which fulfills all your dreams, then here is a piece of good news for you. ABA Builders have launched their latest luxury project at Noida Sector 121. On the occasion of its launch the Developers introduced Cleo County as the best residential project.

You might feel that all the builders do say the same about their projects. But when you paid a visit to the project you realized how fake their words were. Cleo County 121 Noida will not be one such project which is highly praised by the developers and people find it opposite.

Those who have paid the visit so far, witness to the high level quality and luxury features which satisfy their whole desires. They find higher value appreciation to their money as the prime location provides higher level of connectivity to them.

Infrastructures are superb and no wonder if the builders say that you are very close to the Capital. One enjoyable drive of very few minutes will take you to your destination. Cleo County Sector 121 Noida meets your expectations in a fuller manner. Noida’s growth is fully utilized by ABA Builders in creating such a marvelous project at Noida.

If you rightly pay a visit to Cleo County Noida you will realize that what the builders said was not fake rather they have said only a part of the actual truth. So the best thing you can and you must do is just pay a short visit to this marvelous project which is entirely designed in Egyptian model.

Welcoming statue of Sphinx and the beauty and perfection resembling name Cleo will create in you a feeling of satisfaction. The amenities and facilities of Cleo County are far beyond words. So the best thing you can do is just experience the quality of them which will never let your minds go down or make you disappointed.

Cleo County Noida Offers Eco-friendly & Classic Luxury

Cleo County is one of the most noted upcoming projects of Noida.

cleo county proposed elevation

cleo county proposed elevation

Cleo County Sector 121is set in the lap of nature. this assures a classic life amidst the flourishing greenery.  Cleo County Noida is notably located beside Sai Baba Mandir, FNG and Noida Extension.  This creates an easier access to the necessary needs of the people. Being very close to these places it has a vast and wide connectivity.

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Cleo County Blessed with Connectivity & Value Appreciation

Connectivity of Cleo County

Wider Connectivity of Cleo County

Aesthetic perfection is the aim of Cleo County Noida. This has been well achieved by the project in all manners and prospects. Both interior finishing and exterior finishing are really superb. They seem invariably matchless to all of their kinds.

Being modeled after the splendor and glory of Egypt, it stands well up to the expectations and aspirations of the people. Those who seek luxury in life are well satisfied by the amenities and facilities in Cleo County Sector 121. The luxury features are all up to the modern standards. They are perfected in style to secure a life of luxury and pomp.

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Cleo County 121 Armed With Amenities & Connectivity


Royal Pool Table @ Cleo County A Symbol of Amenities.

Royal Pool Table @ Cleo County A Symbol of Amenities.

Cleo County 121 is the outcome of ABA Corp’s tremendous efforts to bring luxury into the modern living. Understanding the people’s expectations and wants the group aims at providing all necessary amenities and facilities to assure a happy living.
There are three stunning ABA Builders projects in NCR. Orange County, Olive County and Cherry County are the first three ABA Builders projects. The company name became famous with the Caracalla Club which is a synonymous name for Roman architecture in India.

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Cleo County Noida Gladdens People with Its Prime Location

Cleo county  Abode of Amenities

Cleo county Abode of Amenities

Cleo County Sector 121 is fabulously erected at the most notable location of Noida i.e. sector 121. Sector 121 is very close to Sai Baba Mandir and FNG. Its close proximity to Noida Extension is another notable feature of Cleo County Sector 121. Continue reading

Cleo County a Master Home of Specifications

Cleo County Specifications

Cleo County Inner Swimming Pool

Cleo County Noida proudly stands as the best place to hang one’s hair down. Amenities, specifications and features of world class and standard are really attractive and inspirational. They are meant not just to live an ordinary life rather to make one’s life extraordinary. Continue reading

Cleo County Labeled Head of All Upcoming Noida Luxury Projects

Cleo County 121

Luxury Of Cleo County

Noida sector 121 has witnessed many upcoming projects both semi luxury and luxury projects. This is one of the fast growing sectors of Noida with increased connectivity and development. There are a large number of Noida luxury projects. Comparing to any of these Noida Luxury projects Cleo County 121 has a highly admirable place.

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Cleo County Noida Avails Egyptian Themed Apartments

Cleo County Noida proclaims the perfection of beauty and design in its fullness. The project is entirely modeled after the splendid Egyptian culture. Egyptian themed mansions like apartments are designed marvelously to meet the needs and wants of the Modern People. These apartments display the past glory and splendor of Egypt which once remained the center of all attractions of the world. Continue reading

Cleo County Becomes Realization of Luxury Concepts

Cleo County 121 has been launched by the ABA Group of builders and developers. This launch has turned up as fulfillment of dreams both of the builders and homebuyers  Cleo County is the summarization and sum up of all luxury features.  Cleo County Sector 121 accomplishes all the dreams and hopes of everyone. Everyone’s vision of Noida luxury apartments is realized at Cleo County Noida. Continue reading

ABA Builders Proudly Launches Cleo County at Sector 121, Noida

ABA Builders announced the launch of their much awaited and discussed new project Cleo County in Sector 121, Noida (Delhi & NCR). The ABA builders seemed very proud of their construction as it stands second to none in any of the matters like world class amenities, facilities, style or design. The amenities and facilities Cleo County Noida provides are up to the expectations of the people and they well exceed their dreams and luxury concept. Continue reading